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Downtown Fresno Welcomes new Farm to Table Restaurant


The new restaurant Libelula will soon open their doors in Downtown Fresno. The owner and chef Ian Cookson brought a new look on the farm-to-table cuisine with his unique menu and recipes. The dishes are suitable for people of all different types of tastes. There are veggie dishes on the list, such as “Vegan Eel” and “Brussels and Flow.” Also, dishes that will please carnivores, such as “Cajun Cristo.”  Ian wants to share his experience that he acquired as the chef for The Vineyard in Madera and to delight the residents of Fresno with dishes of traditional cuisine. The restaurant will be open and accessible to visitors for brunch, lunch, and dinner. As a farm to table restaurant with locally sourced ingredients, fresh farm products, and excellent hospitality, Libelula will impress even the most discerning palettes.  
The restaurant Libelula is located at 1152 Broadway Plaza.