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Pro Culinary

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Pro Culinary, a New Restaurant Incubator, is Open in Downtown Fresno


Do you want to grow as a future professional in the food industry? Or you trying to open your new business but do not have your kitchen? Pro Culinary kitchen will help to make your dreams come true.  It is a rental kitchen that provides excellent facilities for people who want to bring their business to a new level.  Clients of Pro Culinary rent out professional kitchen space where they can hone their craft before opening their brick and mortar location. The owner of the kitchen, Mike Cook, makes sure that clients have able to get excellent experience taking their business to the next level.
Food Trucks & Caterers: $250 annual group, includes commissary certification.
Starter $65/hr kitchen rental (Membership required) $0/mo
Pro $90 / mo;  2 hours per month free
$45/hr kitchen rental
$170 per 6hr Tasting room (Membership required)
Executive $350 / mo
 10 hours per month free
$35/hr kitchen rental
$140 per 6hr Tasting room
Free ice up to 60lbs*
Free dishwashing with dish rentals*
25% off all locations (Membership required)

Equipment Cart    $29/hour
Front of house    $220/6 hours
Pizza Oven    $74/day
Chafing Dish    $11/day
Cambro Holder    $34/day
For more information, visit the website
Or call: 559-475-0855
Open Hours: Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm. 
Lactation: 373 N Fresno St, Fresno, CA 93701