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Over The Edge
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Looking for a thrill and a good cause?  Go Over The Edge with us and help raise money for the seasonal ice rink. 

Over The Edge

Thanks to everyone who participated in Over The Edge.  It was a great event.  Start getting ready for next years' event.  The date will be announced shortly. 



Rappel from the 15th floor of the Pacific Southwest Building.  Yes, rappel. 


To raise money for our Downtown Ice Rink.  This is our 2nd annual Over The Edge event to kick start the fundraising for the rink which opens in November of 2013 and runs through early 2014.  The Downtown Ice Rink attracted over 50,000 people downtown in its inaugural season and we expect this year to be even bigger.  Help us make it a reality.




OK - I'm in - how do I get started?

Step 1 - Register to go Over The Edge!  This is as simple as an EMAIL.

Step 2 - Start your online fundraising campaign now so that it is really easy to spread the word.  If you prefer to raise money offline, use this fundraising tracker to assist in the process. 

Step 3 - Start fundraising.  Participants must raise $1,000 to go Over The Edge.  It's really much easier than you would think and we help you along the way.  There are lots of ways to do it and no one way is better than another.  You can hold a bake sale, ask around your office, ask your Facebook friends, challenge a co-worker to go over with you, hold a party at your house and ask friends to pitch in, hold a 50/50 raffle, or wash cars on a Saturday.  Your fundraising page on Stay Classy is a great way to spread the word and tie into social media. 

Step 4 - Submit all of your offline donations to our offices and we will add them to your Stay Classy site so that they are reflected.  You can collect checks (made payable to Downtown Fresno Partnership) or cash.  We can accept credit cards in the office as well.  We are located at 845 Fulton Mall. 

Step 5 - Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience and invite all your friends and family to join you on June 1st.


Want to Create a Team Challenge?

Every five people that register as a team only have to raise a total of $4,000.  That's a $250 savings per person.  If you are using Stay Classy, there is an option to register as a team.  If you aren't using Stay Classy, simply email us and let us know that your plan is to fundraise as a team and identify the five participants.  Team members can't be changed after the teams are established.


What else is going on that day?

Glad you asked!  Other than the rappelling, we will have ping pong tables, food trucks, an MC/DJ, and a buy local craft boutique on site.  It will be a great day to be in Downtown Fresno!


Q - If I sign up and I don't reach the goal, do I have to pay the $1,000 out of my own pocket?

A - No, you just don't get to go over the edge. 

Q - What if I am close to my goal and I want to go over the edge on June 1st?

A - Come on down and bring a credit card and we will charge the difference in what you have raised and the $1,000.  But keep fundraising!  If you raise the money to get you to $1000, we will refund the amount that we charged your credit card.  You have one month to keep fundraising and get a refund.

Q - What if I want to go over with a group?

A - Create a team page on Stay Classy and go over together.  It's really easy and each team of 5 individuals only have to raise a total of $4,000.

Q - How can I get donations to you?

A - Donations can be made online through Stay Classy or below through PayPal.  Or you can mail checks to our office (845 Fulton Mall, Fresno CA 93721).  Or drop by our office and bring cash, checks or credit cards and we can process in person.  Make sure you put the participant's name in the "FOR" line on any checks to ensure their account is credited.

Q - Will you help me reach my goal of $1000?

A - Absolutely!  We will hold monthly gatherings of all the participants to help share ideas and help you make your goal.  We will also send out regular communications via email that assist with fundraising. 


Support an Edger!  Want to donate to someone's campaign now?

You can make a donation to any participant's campaign right now using PayPal.  On the last page, before you click "Make Donation", make sure you add the participant's name.  The drop down menu is titled "Enter name of Over The Edge participant".  Thanks for your donation!


Thank you to our event sponsors: