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Downtown is the city center, the core.  Make sure your event is happening here!  We can help make it happen.

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Easy steps to host a downtown event

In 2012, the Downtown Fresno Partnership assumed responsibility for the management of all special event permits on the Fulton Mall. The City of Fresno’s special events team is responsible for managing events at all other locations city-wide including Eaton Plaza. The County of Fresno manages events at Courthouse Park.

There are two ways the Downtown Fresno Partnership can support downtown events:

  1. Approve permits for events held on the Fulton Mall
  2. Technical support, marketing assistance, funding and planning help may be available for any downtown event.

Email completed applications to


Click on the following links for all of the information you need to host an event with the Downtown Fresno Partnership:

First, read the Downtown Fresno Partnership Event Guidelines.

Then check out the list of services that the Downtown Fresno Partnership can provide for your event.

Finally, complete the permit application and return to Downtown Fresno Partnership at Use this form for Fulton Mall event permits as well as other downtown events that you'd like the Downtown Fresno Partnership to support.

Here are some links that you may find helpful as you plan your event:

City of Fresno Special Events Application & contact information for events on City of Fresno property

Food Vendor Requirements Information for events that serve food

Fresno County Community Event Food Organizer Application To be completed by the event organizer

Fresno County Health Department Food Vendor Permit Application To be completed by each and every vendor serving food

ABC Liquor License Permit Application Most events serving alcohol will require ABC 221 form

Certificate of Insurance Required for all events

City of Fresno Parking Information Includes information on rates, hours and locations of City lots and garages

Courthouse Park Contact Fresno County directly for events at Courthouse Park

Fresno PD Notify the Fresno Police Department before an event

Downtown Fresno Calendar of Events Check the calendar for availability and to see what other events will be competing for attendees

Fulton Mall Map An easy-to-use map to help you plan your event on Fulton Mall

Mariposa Plaza Map An easy-to-use map to help you plan your event at Mariposa Plaza

Before your event, you will be required to talk to the nearby businesses to let them know about the event. Your event may be disrupting their business operations so it is important to offer them this courtesy. We also strongly encourage you to invite local businesses to participate in your event.


Have a fun and safe event!