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Club One Royale: Fortnite Duos [Jan 12]

January 12, 2019 @ 11:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Club one Casino
1033 Van Ness Ave
CA 93721
Club One Royale: Fortnite Duos [Jan 12] @ Club one Casino

Join Full Combo Events on January 12th for our first Fortnite Duos event of 2019!

The Club One Royale series continues into the new year with the return of our Duos format events. Grab a partner and team up against other teams of two for your share of the $1,000 minimum prize pool.

Whether you hot-drop into Tilted Towers or play conservative with your teammate in hopes of coordinating some late-game plays against straggling teams, one thing’s for sure: no matter your strategy, every round of every match in this kill-based competition will be for keeps and deliver non-stop excitement. The atmosphere may be friendly, but the games will be intense and demand every bit of skill and teamwork you can muster!

Solo entrants will be given 30 minutes after close of registration to find and partner with another solo entrant. Staff will assist with solo player pairing; every player must have a teammate.

Pre-registration form can be found at the “Tickets” link here on the event page! Pre-register and save $5 per player!


All games will be played on Xbox One, on setups we provide, consisting of:
• Xbox One S console
• Standard Xbox One controller
• 23″ Asus 2ms-delay HD monitor
• Stereo Headsets
• Converter for home-brought PS3/PS4 controller use on request

Additionally, players may bring other accessories from home, such as any model of thumbstick controller, headsets, KontrolFreeks, audio mixamps, etc, for use in their matches.


We will provide Brooks brand PS3/PS4-to-X1 controller converters to anyone who prefers to use their home-brought PS3/PS4 controller for this competition.

Headsets do not function when plugged directly into a ‘converted’ Playstation controller; Playstation users can use Xbox party features and retain all game audio as normal by plugging headsets into our provided Xbox controller acting as the 2nd controller on that console.

Additionally, players are welcome to bring home-brought audio mixers/amps to see if your brand will work with our consoles for voice chat.

Converters are the only current method of utilizing PS4 controllers with X1 consoles.

Guarantee: $1,000 minimum prize pool
• 1st Place: 60%
• 2nd Place: 30%
• 3rd Place: 10%

– Entry Cost –
• Online Registration (Pre-reg): $25 Per Player
• Onsite Registration (Day of): $30 Per Player
• Spectator Fee: $10 (FREE for parents/guardians)

– Online Registration –

– Food/Drink –
A food voucher is included for registered players and paid spectator entries. This is redeemable at the food stand in the event area.

Red Bull (courtesy of Red Bull Esports) and water bottles will be free to all guests in the event area while supplies last.

• Doors Open at 11:00 am
• Registration Ends at 1:00 pm
• Bracket Start by 1:15 pm

– Event Sponsors –
• Club One Casino
• Red Bull Esports
• Origins Event Management and Consulting

– Rules –

How To Win:
• For this event, you will play in Squads mode along with another team of two players, and compete to see which team can get more kills in rounds of Fortnite.
• Teams must win 2 out of 3 three rounds to win the match and advance to the next round of event.
• The combined amount of kills between each pair of teammates, compared to their opponents, will determine which team will win a single round.
• In the event that a single round ends with both teams having the same number of combined kills, the team that had a player alive for the longest period of time will be given the win for that game.
• In the event that both teams finish a round in 1st place with the same number of combined kills, the team with more players alive is given the win for that game. If both teams have both players alive in this scenario, the team who got the final kill wins the game for that round.

Sabotage is grounds for elimination. Do not destroy any bases made by your opponent, make them fall, or any other actions that may help lead to that person’s death.

Examples of sabotage include but are not limited to:
• Breaking or weakening opponent’s built or non built structures or cover by any means.
• Causing opponents to miss shots or miss opportunities for advancing their scores in any way shape or form.
• Building in front of your opponent.
• Boogie Bombing your opponent (will result in disqualification)

Bracket Play:
• Single Elimination: Matches will be played as best of three, losing teams will be eliminated from the bracket.
• Start Time: Matches will be announced at the venue. Parties have 10 minutes or till the discretion of the TO to report for matches or be disqualified.
• Seeding: Teams will be randomly seeded at of the close of registration. Seeds are done in ascending order. The higher seed is determined by the team with the seed closest to zero (0).

*Details Subject to change*