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Celebration of Mexican Independence in Fresno. The Fresno Bee 9/15/2014
Downtown Fresno Holiday Inn becomes Radisson. The Business Journal 8/22/2014
Developer details plans for Downtown Fresno building. The Business Journal 8/21/2014
New lofts in Pacific Southwest Building. The Fresno Bee 8/21/2014
Developer begins work on downtown Fresno mall lofts. The Fresno Bee 8/21/2014
Developer: More units coming to Pacific Southwest Building. The Business Journal 8/20/2014
Urban developer Aaron Blair ready to tackle downtown Fresno challenge. The Fresno Bee 7/28/2014
Downtown Fresno Partnership hires new CEO. The Business Journal. 6/11/2014
Fire at Procter's Jewelers on Fulton Mall. The Fresno Bee 6/3/2014

Fresno mural stamp to be unveiled June 7. The Business Journal 6/2/2014

Catalyst settles into new Downtown digs. The Business Journal 5/30/2014

Fresno Developer Ed Kashian buys historic Rowell Building downtown. The Fresno Bee 4/23/2014

Curt Johansen: Downtown Fresno is ripe for a boom. The Fresno Bee 4/21/2014

RFP for Downtown Developments City of Fresno Redevelopment Agency 4/3/2014

City of Fresno Envisions New Downtown Developments Near Chukchansi Park. KVPR 4/7/2014

Fresno City Hall clears way for outdoor dining. The Business Journal 4/04/2014

Search begins for Downtown Fresno Partnership's new President and CEO. Description 3/24/2014

Downtown Fresno Partnership changers leaders temporarily. The Fresno Bee 3/11/2014

Reopen Fresno's Fulton Mall to Traffic, City Council says in historic vote. The Fresno Bee 2/28/14

Swearengin: Downtown Fresno's future faces key vote in two weeks, The Fresno Bee, 2/12/14

Plan to open Fresno's Fulton Mall to cars supported by Planning Commission, The Fresno Bee, 2/6/2014

Fresno Planning Commission tackles Fulton Mall's Fate, The Fresno Bee, 2/5/14

Technology hub Bitwise has big goals for Downtown Fresno, The Fresno Bee, 1/13/14

New First 5 Building Starts Downtown, The Fresno Bee 1/8/14

New downtown Fresno store showcases local products, The Fresno Bee 12/22/13

The Collegian on the Downtown Fresno Ice Rink The Collegian 11/21/13

Valley PBS story on Fiestas Patrias, Valley PBS on 9/20

Thousands Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in downtown Fresno, The Fresno Bee on 9/15

Fulton Mall Slated to Get $16 Million From Feds for Reopening, The Fresno Bee on 9/4/13

Developer Plans Apartments, Retail in Downtown Fresno's Former JC Penney Building, Valley Public Radio on 8/15/13

Residential, Retail in Works for Old JC Penney Building, Business Journal on 8/15/2013

New Life Coming to Fresno's Troubled Fulton Mall, ABC30 on 8/13/2013

New Businesses Highlight Downtown Fresno's Revitalization, ABC30 on 7/17/13

Catacomb Party Music Festival Returns to Fulton Mall, Fresno Bee on 7/17/2013

City of Fresno Receives Prestigious Federal Arts Grant for Fulton Mall's Mariposa Plaza, Press Release on 7/17/13

Bitwise Industries Launches Technology Hub in Downtown Fresno, Press Release on 7/16/2013

Commentary: Go Inland Young Californians, Valley Public Radio on 7/16/2013

Downtown Fresno Library Scheduled for Renovation, Fresno Bee on 7/14/2013

Commentary: Mall Makeover Will Boost Fresno, Fresno Bee on 7/12/2013

Commentary: Fresno's Historic Main Street Must Reflect Well on Our City, Fresno Bee on 6/27/2013

Granville Homes Ribbon Cutting for 1612 Fulton Street, Fresno Beehive on 6/5/2013

IBM Smarter Cities Advice to Fresno, GovtTech on 5/16/2013

Video: Downtown Fresno's CartHop, Spring 2013

Video: Do you Believe in Downtown Fresno, March 2013

Video about Downtown Revitalization by Matthew Gordon released March 2013

State of Downtown article in the Business Journal on 2/5/13

State of Downtown article in the Fresno Bee on 2/5/13

State of Downtown editorial in the Fresno Bee on 2/5/13

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Public Market article in the Business Journal on 1/9/13

Public Market article in the Fresno Bee on 1/9/13

Ice Rink article in the Fresno Bee on 1/8/13

Christmas Parade article in the Fresno Bee on 12/8/12

Fashion Fair donates kiosks to the Downtown Fresno Partnership article in the Business Journal on 11/15/12

Ice Rink article in the Fresno Bee on 11/15/12

Ice Rink discussion regarding the Downtown Rink and Gateway in the Fresno Bee on 11/12/12

Ice Rink article in the Business Journal on 11/8/12

Fulton Mall Federal Grant article in the Business Journal on 8/2/12

Business Boot Camp article in the Business Journal on 7/16/12

The Market On Kern article in the Business Journal on 6/11/12